The Art of Marco A. Sanchez

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All the Needles Reading Zero!
All the Needles Reading Zero! (2011) Mixed Media.

Welcome to my website where you will find a variety of my original vintage artworks that I have done in the past couple of years. Along with some of the work you'll see in this site, you'll also be treated to some very interesting stories that go along with several of my pieces. This site is dedicated for those who are interested in all things vintage & retro art plus other areas of interest such as 'Vintage Halloween', 'Old Urban Tales from South Texas', and 'Mexican-American pulp art'. Most of my inspiration for these works come from observing old artifacts of yesteryear like underwater diving helmets, old Russian Propaganda posters, Halloween books, and my personal favorite, artwork from master illustrators like Author Rackham and Peter DeSeve. All the work that you will find in this site will be original artwork from me throughout my studies at the University of Texas Pan American and my graduate studies from Texas Tech. I will post more info and great links as soon as I get the hang of constructing this website! So for the meantime...Enjoy and feel free to e-mail me if you have any comments or questions about my work!
Peace and Good Vibes!

Vintage/Retro Art

For those of you who enjoy this type of art you probably know that there is a growing interest and demand for vintage inspired art. Many respectable galleries and museums are taking a closer look at this gener and its impact in not only pop culture but in our everyday lives. The idea of 'Nostalgia' plays a big part into why most people collect such items weather it be fine art or memorabilia. People usually like to collect what they grew up with, what they know. At a certain point in life, usually in the mid-30s, one starts reflecting back on his/her childhood...And no matter how old you are, your childhood and your early adulthood will always be looked at with fondness and sentiment. In this case, most -if not all- of my works are inspired by growing interest in collecting vintage toys, comics, Sci-Fi magazines, and many other old artifacts that I happen to stumble upon.

The Remembering: Woman Reprised! (2011)

Gallery Page

Aside from viewing a lot of my current artwork, I will shortly be posting gallery dates for upcoming shows and pics. to go along with it. If your interested in buying an original print from me, feel free to contact me so we can make arrangements for payment and shipping. Prints will vary in size and price but I usually like to print them on thick card stock/semi-gloss paper which usually gets the best results. Again, as soon as I get more acquainted with this site, I will be putting up my store so you can make the purchase electronically. I will also be personally signing each work before delivery. Hope you all like what you see at the Ol' Gallery!

All the Needles Reading Zero (2011)
Vertigo Diver! (2011) 12x12in.